Junior Kindergarten Curriculum Overview 


  • To introduce the alphabet and how it works
  • To provide students with an introduction to how the sounds of the language work together
  • To give students early reading and writing experiences at which they can be successful
  • To help students focus not only on the importance of learning but also the joy it brings to our lives


  • Phonemic Awareness - the ability to hear and discriminate sounds in words
  • Letter Recognition/Sounds & Letters - learning names and shapes of the letters and later the sound/letter relationship
  • Big Books & Read Aloud - engage students in literature and familiarize them with print and book conventions             



  • Numeration- number recognition, counting, order, odd/even     
  • Data and Chance-tally marks, bar graphs, Venn diagrams, probability
  • Geometry
  • Patterns
  • Measurement- money, clocks and calendars

CENTER ACTIVITES - time for students to practice new reading and math skills through play, games and art activities

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE - Scholastic News: We will discover World events, and social behavior through group lessons.

CHAPEL - We will attend Chapel twice a month.  We will learn about God, sing and pray together.

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